Rules and Regulations

  • Players must be of Filipino descent. Players 17 years old and under requires parental/ guardian consent. MAXIMUM of 12 and MINIMUM of 8 players per team.
  • Transgender Athlete Policy – In reference to Volleyball Canada, a transgender person may play as a gender he/she is being reassigned to, provided that he/she submits documentation from a medical practitioner that gender reassignment has been ongoing for at least one year. One transgender can be allowed per team.  Please refer to V-League Winnipeg Guidelines for Transgender Athletes.
  • OFFICIAL LIST – Only players on the official list shall be permitted to play. NO registration form, NO signature, NO play. Teams are permitted to revise their rosters until the day before the Opening Ceremony.
  • REGISTRATION FEE is non- refundable.
  • APPROVED UNIFORMS – Matching uniform shirts with short sleeves are legal uniforms.  Matching shorts are NOT required. Numbers on the shirt’s front and back are mandatory. Team Captain’s number in front MUST have an underline. Teams are required to have the V-LEAGUE WINNIPEG approved logos on their shirts. ONLY league’s approved uniforms shall be worn during the games, NO uniform – NO play. Assigned and identified jersey number CANNOT be transferred to another active player. Teams or players that fail to comply with the aforementioned shall NOT be allowed to play which may or may not result to a game DEFAULT. A replacement jersey is acceptable provided that it will be presented to the committee prior to the game and should bear the same number, required logos, and same dominant color as the original. LIBERO – a libero must wear an opposite color shirt or anything different from the rest of the players uniforms. A libero can be moved up as a substitute to an injured regular player provided he/she wears the team’s regular uniform and registered to the committee before start of the game. A libero’s jersey cannot be used as a replacement jersey.
  • ACCESSORIES – Jewelries, eye glasses or any accessories that may cause injury or give artificial advantage to the player will be left to the discretion of the MVOA referee and when allowed, the player accepts all risks.
  1. Official Warm-up will start 15 Minutes before the POSTED GAME TIME
  2. Court will be shared by both teams for 10 minutes OR 5 minutes for each team
  3. Toss Coin and game preparation – 5 minutes
  4. MATCH WILL START EXACTLY AS SCHEDULED regardless if some players were not able to warm up due to being late. A team MUST have 6 players ON THE PLAYING COURT and IN PROPER UNIFORM ready to play.
    1. In the event that a team is incomplete on the posted match time, the team will be declared DEFAULT and automatically losses ONLY the 1st SET at the score of 25-0 in favor of the opposing team.
    2. The team will be given 15 MINUTES from posted match time to complete the required minimum of 6 players in order to continue and play for the 2nd SET.
    3. If the team is still INCOMPLETE after the 15-minute grace period, the team again losses the 2nd set to the score of 25-0 in favor of the opposing team. The Opposing team will be declared WINNER for the match 3 sets to none.
  • GAME SCHEDULES & VENUES – Games shall be played during Saturdays and/or Sundays at the league’s official gym locations. However, it can be cancelled and changed to a weekday schedule and/or a different venue due to reservation cancellations or any unforeseen circumstances. It is MANDATORY to check the schedules on our V-League website or FB group page every THURSDAY for updated/revised schedules. To maximize the gym usage, a team may play 2 games per day, BACK TO BACK. Game schedule switching request shall NOT be allowed. Official game balls shall be provided each game; teams are REQUIRED to bring their own warm up balls.
  • DISCLOSURE – Game Officials and table committees are allowed to play in the league with their respective teams, however, they shall NOT be exempt from the rules and regulation stated herein.
  • TABLE COMMITTEES, OFFICIALS, LINE JUDGES- The Manitoba Volleyball Officials Association is the contractor for officiating the V-League Winnipeg. MVOA registered referees are trained and officiates without the assistance of a 2nd referee or line judges particularly highschool and college tournaments in Manitoba. Therefore, a SECOND referee (umpire) and Line judges are OPTIONAL. Table committees shall be composed of 2 record keepers.
  • TEAM REPRESENTATIVE- ONLY the Team Captain can approach the referee in the game or if he/she is not present during the game the game captain can approach the referee.
  • PROTEST- Any judgment rendered by the referee shall NOT be subject to PROTEST. Referees decisions are FINAL. The referee score sheet shall be the OFFICIAL game score. Any other protest must be submitted within 24 hours after the game in formal writing.
  • REMOVAL/ SUSPENSION / BAN – ALL participants are expected to adhere on the outlined V-League Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations. The league has Zero Tolerance policy on verbal abuse and / or defamatory remarks directed towards any individual within the game premises. Players, coaching staff, spectators that intends to inflict injury against another person/s but may not be limited to spitting, throwing the ball intentionally and directly to another person shall be considered an assault and therefore the offender shall be removed from the venue immediately. Personal statements/ attacks, which may not be limited to print and social media, that intends to undermine the integrity and credibility of V-League Winnipeg and its organizers shall be grounds for suspension/ ban.
  • V-LEAGUE WINNIPEG adopts the FIVB 2016-2020 rules and regulations and shall be modified by the V-League Winnipeg 2017 Rules and Regulations. The league is NOT sanctioned by Volleyball Manitoba.
  • Those that are NOT covered under the scope of the V-League Winnipeg rules and regulations shall be decided by the League Committee headed by the Commissioner.